Antisocial, contrary to the laws and customs of society is behavior deviating sharply from the social norm.

We aim to celebrate people from all walks of life to inspire a rejuvenation for getting out and socialising. In a world where acceptance from the social norm is hard, we at Antisocial Bar are here to create a social hub for all manor of personality types, whether you are the introvert, a shy, reticent person looking for your perfect coffee, or the extrovert, an outgoing, socially confident person, ready for a night on the town. We have it all.

Antisocial specialises in celebrating flavour pallet inclusiveness, with our menu we hope to cater to everyone, are you the expert, somewhat of a cocktail connoisseur, or the bookworm who enjoys sipping a smokey Old Fashioned with a good book? The meaning of the word antisocial has been lost in today’s society, by stripping back the negative connotations we are here to enhance all forms of socialising.